Counterpart travellers speaking

From research to practical aid

Martin, student applied physics


Searching for an organization to do my internship, Counterpart Travels gave me the opportunity to do a research on drinking water. In Uganda I studied the conditions of different water supplies.


They first brought me in touch with the local government; through them I met other experts involved in drinking water. I also visited several NGO’s and learned what they do and how they work.


Something practical
The second part of my stay I wanted to do something practical. Counterpart Travels connected me to a Ugandan NGO based in Nkokonjeru.


Water user committees

Working at the NGO, I started with interviewing local people about their water supply. In the end I helped to set up water user committees. The idea is that villagers have to pay monthly a small amount for using a borehole. From this money, reparation and improvements can be commonly paid.


A time to remember

I had a good time in Uganda and learned a lot about the culture. Ugandan people are very friendly and it is a beautiful country. It was a period in my life I will never forget. 

“I learned a lot about Uganda and about marketing”

Remco, student international business

Through Counterpart Travels I started a marketing project for the Ugandan NGO God's Mercy Centre. This small organisation began with an orphanage and extended its focus to help vulnerable children and women in general.


Although my original objective was to help with the marketing for the craftshop they run in Kampala, I soon discovered that with my knowledge I could help the whole organisation foreward.


Internet marketing
After spending some time at the craft shop, I travelled to beautiful Kisoro in the southwest of the country, to visit the orphanage and meet the women and children there.
In Kisoro I set up the internet marketing and helped with promotion and fundraising activities.



Apart from my work, I also had the opportunity to visit a national park in the area where I could admire the rare Mountain gorilla, a very unique experience.


Wider perspective
My stay in Uganda was a great experience, I can recommend it to everyone. I learned so much; about the country, but also about marketing. I started to see things from a wider perspective.  Back in the Netherlands, I continued to support the project and raised funds by advertising it through the One Percent Club.