Other SYPO projects

SYPO Uganda Ltd. is a microfinance institution of SYPO foundation that provides small loans to women in Mukono district who do not have access to conventional bank loans, but do have an idea for a small business.


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Yogurt project

The yogurt project was the first project that SYPO (Stichting Yoghurt Project Oeganda) started in 2003. Together with the Ugandan NGO  Pat the Child, They set up a yogurt factory. In addition, women who want to take in an orphan - but lack finincial resources - are donated a cow. The new yogurt factory buys the milk so there is money for the child. With its earnings the yogurt plant can grow independently.


'Yogurt philosophy'

The yogurt project is still running and working out. With their younger projects, SYPO stays close to the philosophy of the yoghurt project: they all rely on the inherent strength of the local population, and on the structural effect of commercial growth.



MediStructures helps to establish medical assistance given by local people, exactly where it is needed. They are trained and three clinics have been built in remote areas where care was too far away.


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This 'lipdub' was made with 500 enthusiastic women who are improving their family income with a loan from SYPO

Yogurt project; participant showing her Frysian/African cow

One of the newly built clinics with trained doctors